Yogazang: Yoga for everyone

***Please note that I am currently taking a break from teaching regular yoga classes. If you want to book a private yoga session please email me.****

Are you looking to make positive changes to your health and wellbeing? Have you never tried yoga or perhaps have dabbled a bit but are a bit rusty and therefore feel a bit uneasy about joining a class because you aren’t confident in your yoga skills? Do you find the spiritual side of yoga off-putting and frankly the idea of all that chanting makes you secretly laugh? Is your approach to life fairly positive and fun and so consequently you want this to be reflected in an informal and easy-going class environment? Want to feel better? Do you want to walk out of the class feeling completely awesome?

  • Get better posture
  • Have less back pain
  • Enjoy more flexibility
  • Feel stronger in all parts of your body
  • Feel less stressed
  • Overcome your anxiety
  • Increase your relaxation dramatically
  • Get more and better sleep
  • Reduce digestive problems
  • Bring back function from muscles injuries or broken bones
  • Reduce symptoms of arthritis

Well, look no further and come and enjoy this informal Yoga class in Frome. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced yogi, I feel confident that you will result in improvements to your health and wellbeing after attending a class.

First we will learn all the basic yoga postures (asanas), then start to develop the sun salutation (surya namaskar) sequence suitable for home practice, also discover the different types of pranayama (breathing) techniques and why they are beneficial to health, and finally we end each class with a deep relaxation (yoga nidra). Furthermore, we also include mindfulness techniques (meditation) throughout the class to enhance the practice further.

Looking for Pregnancy Yoga or Mum & Baby Yoga? 

If you are pregnant and looking for yoga in Frome suitable for pregnancy then pop along to my sister site – Birthzang – to find out about my amazing pregnancy yoga class that focuses on gentle yoga for pregnancy, breathing techniques for birth, birth preparation techniques and information, a place to meet other mums and have a deep relaxation in every class. In addition, we also end the class with a cup of herbal tea and a chocolate biscuit to help make sure you make mum friends in the area. Once baby has arrived you can then come to mum & baby yoga and do yoga appropriate for postnatal healing while doing interactive moves with your baby. Reconnect with the mums you met at pregnancy yoga and find an oasis of calm in amongst the craziness of new parenthood! All yoga classes are in Frome.