I have recently taken a break from my yoga classes in order to spend a year travelling with my family (husband and two young children). It has been so hard to close my classes, say goodbye to my beloved and loyal students, pack up my house and belongings and wave goodbye to the UK, to begin my journey of yoga, and also of parenting and of self-discovery.

Bali Sanur revolved side angle poseThe journey we are taking is about exploration of the world, breaking away from the normality of life, and seizing the opportunity to experience life in all its glory (and pitfalls).

From a yoga point of view, it is a chance for me to exercise my self practice (something that I have always found difficult to establish and maintain), and also to experience a variety of yoga classes to broaden my experience of other teacher’s styles, other yoga styles, and absorbing it into my own journey.

The first 4 weeks of my trip have been spent in 3 different places (Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Bali), and it has been a time to get into the habit of getting onto my mat, of taking the first steps of my journey of yoga.

Starting with sun salutations is always a fantastic place for self-practice, as they can be done at any speed, in a million variations, and is usually the place I begin. Just stepping onto the mat is a great start, as I have written about before,

It has been snatched, really, in small places (Hong Kong), with interruptions (children), but it is a starting point in the journey. A place to begin to collect my thought, to establish a grounding practice to tether myself in this year to come.

I hope you enjoy sharing this journey with me. I don’t know really what the purpose of the blog will be, I just want to document and remember some of the steps in this journey of yoga.