Hitting Australia was a huge relief for us as a family. Everything was familiar again. Food, roads, rules. It was a bit of a surprise how stressful being in Bali had become. And when you are stressed because of food, locations, fussy kids, then your body clicks into permanent fight or flight mode.

When you can finally relax, and just STOP, the relief is palpable.

Without a mat, my self-practice in our new home (for a week in Cairns) was tricky. I had, at least, enough space on the floor to do a few rounds of sun salutations. I thought I would check out a local yoga studio, The Yoga Centre, as they offered an Iyengar class and it is always interesting to see what the teacher is doing.

I got off to a bad start by arriving 15 minutes late. It was pretty frustrating as the timetable on the website said 8.30am start so I was aiming to be there nice and early, but in fact, the start was 8am they just hadn’t updated the website, so I ended up being late. Being late, and not just a few minutes but 15 minutes late into a class is awful and cringeworthy. GAH!

Nevermind, they hadn’t really got started! The yoga was actually a bit of an Iyengar-vinyasa mashup. We did a series of sun salutations with variations. It was nothing particularly new but always nice to get alignment cues in class to try to enhance your own postures.

To be honest it was lovely to be in a class. There is something I really enjoy about letting someone else plan my yoga practice.

It was a surprise to find the peak posture was a very difficult posture and one that I would ever attempt to teach in a class! It was a flying pigeon modification. The closest I can find to it is this image that I have taken from Yoga Journal.

Modified flying Pigeon according to Yoga Journal.

It is basically like getting into eagle legs (cross one leg over the other in a balance), and then doing crow (placing hands on the floor, resting the ankle onto the upper arm and coming up into an arm balance).

It was incredibly challenging and considering the level of the other students in the class, I was amazed that some managed it. While I can do a pretty mean Crow, I didn’t manage this posture. Still, good to be challenged right!