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Who am I?

I am Eleanor Hayes and I founded Yogazang in January 2016. I have been a practising yogi since 1999 when I attended an Iyengar class in North London and as a result discovered the amazing benefits yoga brings to health and wellbeing.

In the intervening years, I have attended classes with some fabulous teachers, also attended an Ashram in India, and then started teaching yoga myself to pregnant women back in 2014 through my sister company, Birthzang.

I then went on to train as a full yoga teacher with the incredible Sam Rao. He has demonstrated through his own practice the in the health improvement yoga can bring to even cases that Doctor’s have washed their hand of.

What drives Eleanor Hayes?

I have had so many conversations with people in my local area who say to me, “Well, I like the idea of doing yoga, but I’m far too old/young/fat/thin/stiff/stretchy/happy/sad/pre-menopausal/post-menopausal/pubescent/tired” – you name it, I’ve heard it.

And yet all of these people are the ones who would benefit the most from coming to a yoga class.

This is why I am passionate about introducing yoga to people who don’t do it yet. And why everybody in my class is winning soon as they walk through the door! To bring some of the wisdom of just stopping once in a while.

Just taking a moment to be IN the moment. To start a conversation with your body and not talk at it, or to it, but start to LISTEN to what it is saying to you.

When we start to come into harmony with our body, and giving it some gentle attention, we start to bring our minds into harmony. And when the two start to align, really amazing things start to happen!

I am just a normal person though. I don’t manage to practice yoga as often as I’d like at home. Even I find I can’t always get to a class. I struggle with some quite basic postures and also have health issues. And yet, when I get on my mat, some kind of magic starts to happen.

Come and share some of the magic. Let me show you!


Eleanor Hayes xx

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